Travelling in a group

Enjoy group fares and flexible booking conditions when flying with a group of 10 or more people. Check how to request a quote for your group.

How to book

We can imagine you want to make sure you’re all flying comfortably, even if you’re travelling in a big group. Are you travelling with 10 or more people (excluding children under 2 years travelling on your lap)? Please request a quote, so we can create an obligation-free offer tailored to your group and preferences.


When travelling as a group with KLM, you’ll benefit from a competitive group fare, flexible ticketing options, and support in booking your group’s trip. And there’s more:

  • Get more time to think before finalising your reservation.
  • Receive more flexibility in payment and cancelling.
  • Add more people to your group later on (the fare might differ).
  • Reserve standard seats free of charge.
  • Change passenger names free of charge before tickets are issued.
  • Get 1 contract for your group’s trip if your flights are operated by KLM, Air France, or Delta Air Lines. (Note that flights operated by Delta Air Lines might not be available for group bookings in your country.)
  • Receive service at the KLM Group Desk.
  • Earn your personal Flying Blue Miles or blue credits for your company.

Costs and conditions

The total price on your tailor-made quote is based on the number of passengers, available seats, destination, travel dates, and the average ticket price for the travel class. The ticket price includes checked baggage for all group members.

The conditions of your group’s booking are based on the number of passengers, country of departure, moment of booking, number of days before departure, available seats, special events and promotions, and payment method.